“I Didn’t Deserve It”

One of the more distressing issues I face when working with veterans is their belief that they don’t deserve help.  They often tell me that they really weren’t in any danger.  “My service was all stateside,” or, “I didn’t see any real action.”  Then there’s my favorite, “No one even shot at me!” 

Frankly, that attitude surprises me.  I can think of no one more deserving than the men and women who have laid everything on the line and placed themselves at risk in the name of freedom. 

 Enlisting or being drafted into military service carries with it certain inherent risks.  You might luck out and not be sent into an active warzone, but there is always that chance that you could end up right in the middle of it. 

 That risk is the contribution you made for your country.  And that risk was real.  Yes, you may have been fortunate enough to dodge a bullet (pun intended) and not see active service, but don’t minimize your role in helping to purchase freedom.  Understand that those of us who have not served want to make sure you are repaid for the risks you took. 


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