PTSD and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain occurs when pain goes uncontrolled for at least three to six months. It lasts beyond the usual amount of time an injury takes to heal, and can leave you feeling hopeless and exhausted
Chronic pain is caused by many things: normal aging, various illnesses or an accident. Some chronic pain has no explanation.
People with chronic pain have more difficulty functioning on a day-to-day basis than other people. Walking, standing, sitting, lifting, may be a major problem when it is accompanied by chronic pain.
Chronic pain goes hand-in-hand with depression. Having pain with you every moment of every day may result in feelings of hopelessness. Often people with chronic pain consider suicide as a way to end their suffering. They may also become dependent on various medications as they try to control their pain.
In some instances, chronic pain is the result of a traumatic event. If that is the case, the person may experience both chronic pain and PTSD. In this case, the person may not recognize the link between the pain and the traumatic event.
People with chronic pain may find that the pain actually serves as a reminder of the traumatic event. Survivors of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse tend to be more at risk for developing certain types of chronic pain later in their lives.


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