Reflections On a Sunny Day

I was driving home looking at the sun shining on the snow in the trees yesterday and it was so beautiful it took my breath away. A wet snow had fallen during the night and each brand glittered with a silver lining. That’s one of the magnificent things about winter in Michigan if you’re not too buried in snow to enjoy it!
As I drove, I thought about how lucky I have been that there has never been a war on United States soil during my lifetime. Not that we haven’t lost our young people to war in other countries, but to my knowledge, there has not been a war on American soil in many, many years.
I was struck by how much I’ve taken that for granted. I don’t mean I’m ungrateful: I am not! But for those of us who have never seen battle, it’s difficult to imagine what it’s like.
I thought about how we are always looking for Shang Ra La or Nirvana – that place where there is no war, no hatred, no one who would rather shoot you or blow you up than look at you. And it stuck me we could have it all if we’d just manage to live together in peace. I guess we have a lot of years yet to mature as a species before we’ll be ready to do that. Until that time, I’m so very glad that there are men and women ready to step into the line of fire to keep the rest of us safe. I want to say, “Thank you” for that. I truly appreciate your gift.


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