Thank God for A.T.

Last week, during one of those nasty snowfalls that dumped a ton of snow on us, I went out to clear our driveway using the snow blower.  While I was forcing it forward through a particularly high pile of snow, my foot slipped.  I wrenched my knee, I believe pulling a muscle. 

Now it hurts when I stretch it out fully or when I bend it too tight.  I limped around for a couple of days using a cane.  That helped.  I found I could not bend it enough to get my sock on.  Fortunately, I had a sock puller that I had on hand for a friend who didn’t need it after I bought it.  Then, I couldn’t get my shoe on.  Again, I turned to assistive technology to help.  I used a long-handled shoe horn to put my shoes on.  Without the help of these items, I’d have been in a very bad way. 

Many times people refuse to use assistive technology devices for fear it will make them look old.  Ok, how old do you think you look limping around without shoes or socks?  I was very grateful that I had these assistive technology items on hand.

The VA is continually working to identify assistive technology that helps disabled soldiers.  Consider a recent article on prosthetic limbs.  Now they are often made of titanium, meaning they last longer and work better.  Veterans with above the knee amputations can now walk in a more natural way thanks to a new prosthetic device called a BiOM.  The BiOM is unique because it moves so naturally, the wearer doesn’t get tired.

Whether it’s a big ticket item like a prosthetic leg or a small change like a long-handled shoe horn, check out assistive technology and what it can do for you!


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