The Differences in Depression

I wonder sometimes if it isn’t easier fighting an enemy you can see vs. fighting something invisible like depression. Depression robs life of its joy and leaves you feeling empty and hopeless.

Some of the symptoms of depression may include:
• Depressed mood that lasts 3 months or longer
• Loss of interest or pleasure in most activities
• Significant weight loss or gain
• Sleeping too much or not being able to sleep nearly every day
• Slowed thinking
• Fatigue or low energy
• Feelings of worthlessness
• Inappropriate guilt
• Inability to concentrate or make decisions
• Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

It’s interesting to note that men and women deal with depression in different ways; it is expressed differently.

Men are more likely to use drugs or alcohol, lose weight and have difficulty sleeping, become irritable and fly off the handle more often, behave recklessly, or commit suicide.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to feel guilty, sad or hopeless, sleep and eat more and attempt suicide (but not succeed).

However you express your depression, life is just too short to live under a black cloud. The VA offers support groups for those suffering with PTSD. Please, check them out. I’ve heard only good things about the groups. If you don’t want to join a group, your local Community Mental Health has trained counselors who will listen and help you decide whether you are in control of your life or if your depression is controlling you.

Depression symptoms usually improve with counseling, medications or a combination of the two. Even severe depression symptoms usually improve with treatment.

There is life after depression. Please seek help and take back the joy in your life! It’s worth the effort.


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