Those who have served in the military often take with them skills that they have learned that make them excellent employees. I’ve always said, “If you want to force someone to grow up, let them serve time in the military.”

When you visit http://www.mentalhealth.va.gov/communityproviders/index.asp. you will find a list of the positive outcomes of military service. In addition to physical training, academic and skills training, serving in the military teaches a strong sense of values. Indeed, each of the veterans I’ve worked with have shown great courage, fortitude, aptitude and honor. That’s something they don’t teach in school anymore, so it’s wonderful that it can still be taught in the military. Some of the other skills include:

• A sense of responsibility
• Sound and timely decision making
• Follow through on accomplishing tasks
• Dependability
• Discipline
• Maturity
• Resiliency
• Adaptation to whatever situation arises
• Coping with stress
• Pride
• Cultivating friendships
• Teamwork

That’s a pretty impressive list! Hiring a veteran means taking on an employee who knows how to work. He or she may not yet understand the job, but they know what it means to get the job done.


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