Accommodations for Employees with PTSD

Working when you have PTSD can be difficult unless you are accorded accommodations to make it easier. According to JAN (the Job Accommodation Network), some of the possible ideas for accommodation include:

For Memory Impairment –

• Having instructions written down
• Instructions for use of equipment posted
• Use of a wall calendar
• Use of a daily or weekly task list
• Verbal prompts and reminders
• Use of an electronic organizer or hand held device
• Use of a tape recorder when attending meetings
• Written minutes of each meeting
• Additional training time

For Reduced Concentration –

• Reduction of distractions in the work environment
• Space enclosures or private working space
• Use of white noise or environmental sound machines
• Use of soothing music using a cassette player and a headset
• Increased natural lighting or increased full spectrum lighting
• Large assignments divided up into smaller goal oriented tasks or steps
• Uninterrupted work time

For Disorganization –

• Use of calendars to mark meetings and deadlines
• Use of electronic organizers
• Use of a professional organizer or organizational coach
• Use of a mentor

There are many more possible accommodations that can make life easier for someone who has PTSD.


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