Take The Time for a Medication Review…

It is important to review the medications prescribed by VA that you are currently taking and those prescribed by your community physician.
By reviewing your meds with your VA provider you can avoid any negative drug reactions or interactions.
Be sure to mention any over the counter medications you are taking such as vitamins and supplements.
Consider registering on MyHealtheVet to keep track of your medications. Go to the “Pharmacy” tab and clicking on “My Medications + Supplements.”
Be sure you know:

• Why you’re taking this medication
• How long you need to keep taking it
• What time of day should you take it
• What side effects might you expect to see
• What should you do if you miss a dose
• How should you store the medicine
Remember to:

• Take the medication as instructed
• Report any problems to your provider
• Tell your provider whenever you have a change in your health
• Carry a list of all your medications with you at all times. This can be very helpful in emergencies
• Update the list every time you get any new medication including any over the counter medicine


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