When circumstances leave you with a temporary financial emergency (you will have to show that you can meet future financial obligations), then perhaps the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund’s Emergency Grant Program can help.

Eligibility criteria includes:

• An Honorable Discharge
• 180 day of service during a period of war, or
• 180 days of active duty with award to Armed Forces/Navy Expeditionary Medal, or
• Less than 180 days due to service-incurred disability, and
• Dependents can apply if the veteran is eligible under certain circumstances

You’ll apply in the county where you reside. You can call the State Office for county information at 517-373-3130 for more information.

You’ll need to call and make an appointment. Bring in the following information:

• Military discharge document (DD214 or other)
• Proof of Residence
• Documents for Dependents
• Proof of Income and Expenses
• Other documents depending on the types of assistance needed

While the trust fund won’t help everyone who needs assistance, it may be just the ticket to get you back on firm ground.


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