If you’re a Veteran thinking about returning to work, one thing to keep in mind is to remain focused on what you can do rather than what you can’t. You have a world of experience to draw from with knowledge about survival and overcoming adversity that most people don’t have. You have skills, discipline, and courage, all proven by your ability to cope with your disability. Don’t go in ready to talk about what you can’t do. Go into an interview prepared to talk about how what you’ve learned makes you the best person for the job!

You may feel you need to discuss your disability, especially if it’s obvious, but you are not required by law to tell a potential employer you’re disabled, even if you think you may need an accommodation in order to do the work. If you’re not sure whether you should talk about your disability with your potential employer, you can go to for help deciding what’s best.

If you will require a reasonable accommodation to do the job, tell the person you’re interviewing with up front. An employer may ask for more medical information about your condition in order to understand what your specific needs are and what accommodation will be needed. This information must be kept confidential and separate from your normal employment records.

Studies show that employees with disabilities perform a well on the job as any other employee. Keep a smile on your face and go to that interview knowing you’re the best person for the job!


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