Last week I made a visit to a local horse-rescue farm. I was invited to tour the facility and learn about their therapy efforts, the newest program focusing on overcoming PTSD.

Horse therapy has proven to be an impressive treatment in the field. Interesting, isn’t it that sometimes by working with animals that have been abused, we are able to see more clearly that allowing trauma to follow us into our present life only taints today as well as the past.

Working with animals that have been traumatized can help someone with PTSD realize how important the healing process is to having peace in your life. It’s easy to understand why the horse is resistant to accepting new people when it’s something the veteran has experienced too.

Studies are showing that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Veterans and their families can be very effective. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “There’s something about the outside of a horse that helps the inside of a man.” Out Side In is such a facility. Located in Grand Haven, Michigan, they are starting a horse therapy program for veterans and family members to deal with the psychological wounds of war. If you are a veteran and are interested in trying horse therapy, please check out their program at ww.out-side-in.org.


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