Following the most recent Fort Hood shooting, many people seem to think that veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are walking around like zombies with a psyche ready to explode at any time.  That’s just not true.  Most veterans with PTSD (and non-veterans, for that matter) are non-violent.

When we generalize and attribute violent tendencies to veterans simply because they have a diagnosis of PTSD, we are perpetuating the stereotype of the “crazy Veteran.”  That’s just not right!

The negative results of this kind of thinking are far-reaching.  First, it may cause Veterans to hesitate before seeking out the treatment they need.  PTSD can make life miserable for those who are living with it, and overcoming the stigma associated with seeking help is difficult enough.  In addition, it may keep veterans who are looking for work from being hired, and that’s just tragic.

America’s Veterans have given so much to maintain our freedom and to make our country great!  It’s important that we take the time to ensure that they are not the victims of media-hype and instead provide them with all the support they need and deserve.


2 thoughts on “NOT A WALKING TIME BOMB

  1. Read The Demons and Dragons of War: Alternative Healing from Combat Related Trauma’ Alfredo Montalvo, LTC, US Army Retired
    Most come home OK Thank Goodness! but some got pretty badly broken Loss of faith, Loss of purpose and meaning, Loss of life, Loss of function, Loss of Identity. Nightmares, Anger Issues, Trust Issues
    As far as time bombs walking all you need is 1.
    There are some of us who never really came home

  2. Worked around a retired Marine with PTSD, he had dozens of stories about snatching people up that disagreed, challenged him otherwise, etc… Another about taking out a group with a MICLIC detonation. Talked about guns alot. Those were some uneasy times. I’d like to believe he was harmless, but who knows.

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