Music as a form of PTSD treatment? It makes sense. Music is an excellent way to heal suffering from PTSD, depression or anxiety. While many of us understand that music can bring peaceful thoughts and help us relax, it can actually be a good tool to help Veterans process their wartime feelings and experiences.

Most people know that music can have an effect on their moods. For instance, can you remember being in your car with the radio blasting while you listened to that favorite song that the writer just seemed to know exactly where you were at the moment? Music really is powerful.

Sometimes when we talk about a painful topic while music is playing, it can help us release our feelings more easily than when we do the same thing in the absence of music. Music can help trigger memories and express feelings we can’t otherwise express. Some of the positive effects of music therapy include:

• Improved communication,
• Improved attention span,
• Improved motor skills
• Better Pain management
• Sharpened mental acuity
• Enhanced memory
• Increased socialization

Music with a strong beat stimulates the brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat. Faster beats enhance concentration and more alert thinking, and slower tempos promote a calm, meditative state. Music can cause lasting benefits to your state of mind, even after you’ve stopped listening.


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