In my ceaseless searching on the net for things to blog about, I found a website that may interest you. If you go to:, you’ll connect with a website designed to help veterans stay connected with friends and family once they return home.

For instance, you can record your military experiences through writing your own story, posting photos, inserting maps of where you served, etc. Or, you may choose to explore different options for what you’d like to do after your return home. You can get help with writing a new resume, setting up a business, keeping track of your business expenses, or getting the specific news that captures your interest delivered right to you.

You can also use the site to connect with other veterans, call friends who were deployed or are stationed overseas, host a conference call between veterans, or watch 3D virtual tours of service.

You may choose to use the website to reconnect with your loved ones by phoning them from your computer, researching the news you want more information about, or video chatting with friends and family.

There is even more to do here, but it’s I’ll let you check it for yourself. All-in-all, this is a website for maintaining connections and creating opportunities.


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