Could you do your job without the equipment or tools you use every day to get things done? While most of us wouldn’t be able to work without a computer, or a cash register, or whatever type of special equipment we depend on, we often just don’t take the time to give our bodies the tools it needs to do its’ best work for us.

I’ve worked with many veterans who have had health issues related to their war time service: everything from arthritic bones, damaged muscles, traumatic brain injuries, diabetic neuropathy, cancer, etc. What I’ve noticed is that they often eat so poorly that I have to wonder how their bodies can possibly heal or function at peak efficiency because they aren’t getting the nutrients they need.

Our bodies are wonderful things! They are designed to heal and knit themselves back together, but in order to do this, they need tools to work with. We need water and nutrients every day for the body to function properly, but if we pour into it things that don’t nurture it, our body will cease to perform at peak efficiency.

If you think I’m blowing smoke, consider how our bodies react to the things we do, or don’t, eat. Sugar is a wonderful example. Most mothers will quickly tell you about how sugar changes their children’s moods and behaviors, especially around Halloween. It’s not just sugar; caffeine, fatty foods, salty foods, all of it affects the way our bodies function. If you put good things in, you’ll likely to get good results. If you don’t put good things in, how can you expect to get anything good out?

I’m certainly not advocating you start a complete sugar-free diet today. I’m only suggesting that you make sure that during the course of the day, you eat a wide variety of healthy foods. One of the quickest ways to track how you’re eating is to think about the color of your foods. The brighter the color, usually means the better the nutrient content is, so look for bright green lettuce, yellow squash and corn, red peppers, blueberries, etc. Give your body all the tools it needs to heal and keep you at peak fitness.


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