I saw those words once written on a poster and thought it’s probably a true statement. There are so many things we drag our feet at and don’t want to take on, but once we get into them, they either turn out to be important lessons that we learn something from, or they aren’t as horrible as we first thought.

Dancing with the devil is never an easy thing to do. That’s how I think of it: PTSD is the equivalent of dancing with the devil. You sure don’t get to lead! You get drug around to places you don’t want to go. Your toes are stepped on and all you want to do is get away and hide. But, you know, if nothing else, you learn to dance with a bad dancer!

I think it can be the same with PTSD. Facing it down and going out when you want to stay in, or trying to calm your heart rate down when it’s racing out of your chest isn’t easy. But nobody ever said it would be. The important thing is getting here. Here is where I can go out and not freak because there are other people are present. Here is where I am comfortable and where nightmares don’t chase after me each time I lie down. Here is a good place to be and I had to go there to get here.

Maybe the best way out is through. Have you put off going to a support group for PTSD? Even though you don’t want to dance with the devil, maybe it’s best to just get it over with and move off the dance floor. It’s worth thinking about.


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