There have been many reports of problems within the VA medical system lately concerning delays with veterans receiving medical care.  Indeed, even locally, veterans who need care through the VA find the experience very frustrating.  Veterans may wait for long periods of time before getting an appointment, or even for a doctor to be assigned.   In other instances, the care can be given locally outside of the VA medical care system, but the VA insists the veteran drive hundreds of miles to receive the care he or she needs at a VA Med Center.

It is not unusual for the VA doctors to send veterans from Western Michigan across the state to the VA hospital in Detroit.  It’s bad enough when it’s Ann Arbor or another site not so far away, but when it’s Detroit, the veterans often do without the care they need because they can’t get there.

While the VA has been trying to correct the problem, unfortunately things remain much the same today.  Veterans who need care are paying too high a price in pain and anguish while trying to get the care they need and deserve.  It’s time the VA started working with local physicians if they don’t have the medical staff needed to provide adequate and appropriate care.  Our veterans deserve better than they are getting.


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