The holidays are here and most of us are being treated to Christmas carols, beautiful lights and all the excitement that makes it a joyful time of year, yet there are many who won’t be experiencing peace on earth tonight.   For many soldiers, the holiday will be spent in the war zone.  For many veterans, although they have returned home, they will relive the horrors of war over and over again each night.  PTSD steals security, peace, and distorts our sense of “home.”

Home is no longer the safe haven it once was, and the world seems to be a much darker, more dangerous place.  Dreams of sugar plums and candy canes don’t exist, and peace on earth seems to be a pipedream.  Yet, there remains a desire for us all to live in peace, for a time when there will be no more war, no more killing and maiming, no more horror that goes on day after day, year after year.

My wish for you this holiday season is for a gentle peace, prosperity and acceptance that with all the horrors of this world, there is also much good in it and there are good people as well as bad.  I wish for you a calm spirit, peaceful interactions with your loved ones, and healing rest.  Peace on earth.


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