As winter progresses, the days may getting longer, but the darkness seems to be overwhelming and it’s not uncommon to find yourself becoming depressed and sad.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is the result of not having enough exposure to light and can contribute to depression during these dark days of winter.  It makes it difficult to cope and if you are depressed to begin with, it only makes it worse.  If you stir in a dose of PTSD too, things may look really bleak.

For many veterans, winter is depressing because they are unable to get out on their own.  I have one friend who can no longer drive and he spends day after day alone in his house.  He does well considering he is forced to live that way (the local transit buses don’t come out in his neck of the woods), but he places a lot of value on visits from friends and especially those who are willing to spend time taking him out to get groceries or run other errands.  Funny how those things that those of us who have a car take for granted become desirable outings for the homebound.

If you know a veteran who is forced to stay in his or her own home alone this winter, won’t you take the time to make a short visit or even take him or her out for a cup of coffee or a Coke?  It can really mean a lot to that person and bring a little bit of light into a really dark time.


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