When you find your mind is consumed by unwanted thoughts or memories or you are mentally beating yourself up, one of the ways to combat the situation is by using diversion techniques.  Diversion is when you immerse yourself in something that captures your attention to the extent that you forget all the negative things you were thinking.  Those negative thoughts are often referred to as “psyhco-babble.”

An example of diversion that many of us have experienced occurs when you watch a really good movie.  You sit for two hours and when it’s over, you feel like it only lasted a few minutes.  You were so “into” the film that you forgot everything else.  The same thing may happen when you’re reading a really good book, when you’re at your favorite fishing hole, or when you’re playing golf.  Diversion can occur whenever you are doing something that really captures your attention.

There are many activities that can be used as diversions.  It’s actually something that you can develop on your own: what are your greatest interests?  What can you do where you forget about everything and everyone around you?  That activity is a diversion.  Pursue those activities during your periods of psychobabble.  It’s a way of taking charge of your mental health and managing a particularly frustrating symptom of PTSD.  Give it a try – it may just work!


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