I think of myself as all-American; you know, the apple pie, baseball, and hot dogs kind of person?  But I get a little conflicted over the 4th of July with the fireworks and all.  You see, I know how fireworks can act as triggers for flashbacks to war time experiences.  I know how that affects veterans and family members and causes so much pain and sorrow.  For that reason, I’d just as soon leave the small fireworks alone altogether.  You know, setting off firecrackers can sound just like a barrage of gunfire, and I don’t want to trigger those memories for any of the men or women who served.

I’ll can understand those who want to watch the big fireworks display at night, but those small fireworks that invade the privacy of individual homes, no, I’ll pass them by.  It causes too much pain for the few moments’ worth of fun it might bring.  I’ll still be as true-blue without the bang!


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