If you suffer from PTSD and you’ve been thinking about getting help, then let me assure you, the time to do it is now. Don’t put off seeking treatment because it’s not a convenient time, or you don’t have the money, or you think you’ll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow has a way of never coming, and most of us never have money for things we need when we need them.

The time to get treatment for PTSD is NOW. Don’t waste another minute, hour, or day thinking about it– do it now. You have a responsibility to your family, yes, but you also have a responsibility to yourself. You have PTSD because you stepped up and served your country. Now let your country return the favor and do something for you! You owe it to yourself to reclaim your life and to live it to the fullest extent possible.

To live in fear of leaving your house because you might get hurt is to let yourself down. Life is precious. Your life is precious. Your happiness is precious too. You have bought and paid for the freedoms we live with today. Now, make sure you can enjoy those freedoms with the rest of society.

Treatment may be difficult; I’m not saying otherwise. But, the one thing I can assure you of is that it is worth it. Life is waiting. Don’t miss out on it! Make the call today!


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