While it is easy to limit social interactions and isolate yourself, it does not promote healing from PTSD to do so. When you are isolated you prevent the very interactions that promote healing.  How can you learn to trust others if you never take the chance that they are trustworthy?  Successful interactions with others can provide experiences that help formulate a new belief structure.  That’s a big step toward healing, and it’s a step toward reclaiming your life.

Social interaction is something that, as humans, we need to thrive. When we limit our social contacts to just a few close friends or family members, we stunt our emotional and social growth.  Once you begin limiting your social interactions it’s easy to continue.  Challenging yourself to increase your social contacts can be quite difficult.  It may help to start slowly and simply increase the number of times you place yourself in public settings, or increase the length of time you choose to interact with others.

It may help if you begin going out with someone you trust such as a spouse or close friend. Look for social interactions where your feel safe such as small group meetings with other veterans.  While the world can sometimes be a dangerous place, if you hide you’ll miss out on many rich and rewarding experiences and you’ll deprive yourself of the opportunity for growth.  You, and those you love, deserve a life that includes good friends and good times.  Don’t let PTSD take that from you.


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