One of the more frustrating things about PTSD is having horrific scenes run through your mind again and again. You’d like to turn a switch and have it all stop, but that’s not possible and you’re at the mercy of being subjected to something you never wanted to see in the first place.  Intrusive thoughts are one of the more difficult symptoms of PTSD to treat too.

The best method I’ve found for dealing with intrusive thoughts is to use diversion. Diversion is anything that captures and holds your interest.  Sometimes, it’s reading a good book, one that I can’t put down because my attention is riveted to the characters in it.  Another is to listen to good music.  My taste changes from time to time, so what I play is variable, but as long as I really like it, it does the trick.  One of the things I’ve found that make it more effective is wearing headphones.  It’s like the more I can shut the world out, the better chance I have of really getting into the music and not letting anything else get in to distract me.

You don’t have to use either books or music though. Look for the things that really interest you, and try to avoid those that prompt those unwanted memories from returning.  As time goes by, you may find that the more you stop them from coming, the less often intrusive thoughts will come.  Bad memories can haunt you and make your life miserable.  Try using diversion to stop them when they first start to creep into your head.  I hope your day is better.



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