Most of us feel it’s important to direct our own lives and make our own choices, especially in the area of health care.  Most entities that provide health care are now charged with developing a Person-Centered Care Plan.  That’s real progress for those of us who want our own choices respected.  Person-Centered Care basically means that the care you receive will be driven by your choices, not the traditional medical team that used to choose how care was provided.

Those old teams often determined what you needed based on the medical staff’s belief of what “was good for you.”  I don’t know about you, but, as an adult, I think I know what is best for me, based on my own beliefs and desires.  It’s good to know that it won’t be someone else who is choosing what I need based on their view of the world, but I can choose for myself what kind of care is best for me.

Not only will you be choosing what kind of care you get, but you’ll get to choose who else will be involved in making those decisions.  Focus now will be more on ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision about what is going to happen to you.  The team that is assembled to assist you in understanding your choices should be looking at what your strengths are that will support your decisions, and what your personal preferences are as well.

Person-Centered Planning allows you to make the choices you want about the things that are most important to you.  When you next visit your doctor or medical center, remember that their job is to support what you want in the way of care.  It may be necessary to remind the medical establishment of this as they have many, many years of following the “what’s good for you” plan.  You are entitled to Person-Centered Planning now…don’t settle for less!


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