Sometimes moving ahead can be very difficult.  I know I need to move, but I’m stuck.  Although I want to achieve my goals, I don’t seem to be able to take that next step to get there.  I think everyone goes through times like this.  The trick is to not stay in one place too long.  Sounds easy, but it is not!

In the same way, we want to heal from PTSD, but healing means doing things we don’t want to do.  It may be going to the movies or dining out, or even driving down the road.  They are actions that we don’t want to take and forcing ourselves to take them can be so difficult.  But, if we want to get past the boundaries of our fear, we must change…and change is hard.  I mean, status quo is at least safe…isn’t it?

So, how do we get unstuck?  A friend of mine recently posed that question to me, and almost immediately answered it too.  “I guess it’s like the old adage of how do you eat an elephant?  One spoonful at a time!”

He was right.  Sometimes it can be so overwhelming to even consider challenging our “safeguards,” those beliefs that keep us stagnant.  But if we can’t swallow that entire elephant in one bite, we can at least try a spoonful.  Taking it one step at a time can make the unthinkable possible.


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