One thing I’ve learned over the years is that, to an extent at least, we can focus on the negative and let ourselves be drawn into depression, or we can choose to think of things in a more positive light and not let ourselves be drawn into the dark.  Of course, clinical depression isn’t the same thing; that is going to require professional treatment.  But, if you find your tendency is to be unhappy on a daily basis and there is nothing in your immediate environment going wrong, then you can choose to set aside a lot of the times when you’d allow your mind to delve into negative thoughts and not let yourself be dragged down.

Choosing to focus on the positive requires courage and determination.  I guess, to an extent, it probably requires some faith too.  There are times now when I feel myself starting to fall back into the “cloud of doom” feeling, and I have to tell myself, “No.  It’s not that bad.  I’ve survived worse.  I’ll survive this.”  And I do survive.  But I also am able to set the worry aside and enjoy life while things work themselves out.  Really!

If you find yourself thinking things couldn’t get any worse, then take the time to run with that thought.  What is the absolute worst scenario that could happen?  How likely is it that it will occur?  If it’s unlikely, then why are you allowing it to affect your life?  Why give up even one minute of happiness worrying about something that isn’t likely to happen?  Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to do some preplanning for things that might go wrong.  It just means that once you’ve made your preparations, then you can’t do anything more anyway, so why worry?

Take joy in the small things in life.  Look for the positive in everything.  Live with an attitude of gratitude.  You’ll find life more satisfying if you do!


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