It’s been a heck of a week.  Last week Sunday, I bought a new computer.  It was hacked while I was setting it up.  Cost me $180 to get it swept clean so I could start all over again.  Then one of my dogs bit a family friend.  We had gone to the vet to get her rabies shot and she was in an unfamiliar place.  When our friend led her out on the leash, she panicked and attacked him.  She bit him twice, once in the leg and once in the arm.

A few days later, one of my best friends was diagnosed with scabies (Eek!  I’m hoping I didn’t pick them up too!), and today, two of my dogs dug under the fence and ran off.  Can things get worse?

Actually, yes, they could.  Fortunately there were experts around to fix my new computer.  And the dog bites healed nicely.  I don’t have scabies (Thank God!), and the two dogs found their way back home uneventfully.

Sometimes life seems to be all bad news, but, again, it’s all so much in how you look at it!  Things could have been much worse.  I remember reading once that if the things that were wrong in your life could be fixed with money, then nothing was really that wrong.  That took me a while to get to where I could see that viewpoint and agree with it.

When a friend or loved one is dying, that’s bad news.  I paid $180 to get my computer fixed; I had the money, I could have easily spent it on some other frivolous thing and been no better off.  Yes, it was a bit of a headache dealing with the hack, but there were lots of good things going on in my life at the same time.  I focused on them instead of the bad things.

Another good friend found out he did not have cancer; the tumor on his neck is benign.  The friend with scabies is currently undergoing treatment.  I successfully loaded Quick Books onto my new computer and now it’s cutting down on all the paperwork I have to do.  I have another friend who is getting married next week.  How much more fun was it to focus on the joyous times she’s going through rather than the irritants I was experiencing?  Lots!

Look on the bright side.  Yes, it makes me seem like Pollyanna, but I am much happier for focusing on the bright side rather than wallowing in grief.  And in the final analysis, I’m glad I’m here instead of there!



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