When you live with PTSD, you experience changes in your physiology in the form of chemical changes in your brain.  Those things that trigger your anxiety cause your body to release adrenaline, and because you can react to a trigger more than once a day, or to multiple triggers throughout the day, your body can remain in the “flight or fight” mode almost constantly.  That certainly isn’t a healthy way to live.

Unfortunately, managing those adrenaline spikes can be difficult, at best.  That’s why it is so important that you work to develop an arsenal of ways to cope with your stress.  That wash of adrenaline can make you even more sensitive to your triggers.  Learning to break that cycle is so important!  It’s hard work changing responses, learning new ways to cope, and challenging your limits, but it is rewarding when you manage to break free and begin to reclaim your life again.

It can help to know that this isn’t all just psychological drama that you have to deal with; it has physical elements that keep you off balance and keep you locked in the cycle of PTSD response.  Learn to break that cycle.  Use all the help that is offered to you, try all the ways that are suggested.  Then keep the ones that work and keep working on them until you find yourself again.  It’s worth all the effort.  You’re worth all the effort.


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