PTSD robs us of normal life experiences; it steals things life has in store for us.  It causes us to disengage and live within ourselves rather than seeking the company of others and enjoying the companionship of family and friends.  That’s sad because we allow it to steal the very best of what life has to offer.  We deserve better than that!

Reengaging is not an easy task to undertake.  It requires challenging our current belief system and stepping outside our comfort zone.  The problem is, if we don’t do just that, PTSD becomes the box we live in, and it’s not a very nice box at all.  We don’t enjoy friends, or getting out to see and experience new things.  We find ourselves estranged from our loved ones.  We don’t allow ourselves the luxury of relaxing and feeling peaceful.  PTSD takes a lot out of us!

So, how do we reengage?  Very slowly and very deliberately.  We have to go slow in order to be able to let go of our delusion of control.  I say delusion because none of us really ever has complete control of any situation.  Things go well in spite of us, most of the time.  If we remember that, then we can let life happen, slowly, trusting that in this moment, at this time, we will survive.  That trust is hard-earned.  We only get there by taking tiny steps at a time.  Slowly moving toward reclaiming our lives.

But when we do take those first steps, then joy begins to seep back in, and contentment begins to grow.  We may actually find a time when we know peace of spirit once again.

PTSD robs us of much of the goodness of life.  Don’t be afraid to take that first step to reclaiming your life.  Don’t let PTSD rule you forever.  It’s taken enough already.


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