The holidays can be a joyous, fun-filled time, or they can be depressing and sad.  While we always hope for the former, too often we get caught up in the commercialism of the event and forget that it’s actually just another day of the year.

I always loved the holidays, but I have a good friend who had a difficult time each year.  His memories of the traditions of the season weren’t good ones, and as the holiday approached, he felt more and more alone.  He said he was talking with an old friend one day and she told him to remember, it’s just another day.  You don’t have to celebrate the season.  You don’t have to kill yourself trying to relive those old traditions you’ve been part of for years and years.  That’s all in your head, not a requirement.  Instead of feeling bad because things aren’t what you would like them to be, simply think of it as another day.  Do the things you usually do and don’t worry about it being a holiday.  There is nothing that says you have to make it something spectacular.

After that, he stopped feeling bad that another year had gone by and he hadn’t found Ms. Wonderful yet, that he was still paying on the same bills and doing the same things he was a year ago.  Instead, he more realistically looked at the fact that he had successfully navigated another year, he remained independent, and he was basically content with who he was.

Don’t over-think the season.  Just flow with it and enjoy each day the best you can.  There are no rules about what you have to do.  Behind all the hype, it’s just another day.


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