I don’t know why it is so stressful getting through the holidays some years.  Maybe it’s because I have this idea in my head of what should be happening this time of year.  All my problems should just drop away, and there should be plenty of money on hand to buy those gifts I want to give.  Family members should be supportive rather than criticizing every move I make, and there should be plenty of time to enjoy the spirit, lights, food, and music of the season.  But it just doesn’t seem to work out that way!

It will be another lean Christmas at our house this year as I struggle financially to meet all the bills.  There are unexpected doctor bills that have to be paid, a death in the family to cope with, constant criticism from those who should be there for me like I was for them, and there just isn’t enough time to enjoy the season like I’d like.  The holidays aren’t always full of joy and good cheer.

Every now and then, I have to stop and do a reality check.  It’s not going to be like it was in all those shows I watched when I was growing up.  The town folks aren’t all going to chip in and pay my bills.  Santa isn’t going to stop here and make everything better and help me cope with things.  People aren’t filled with cheer and good will toward men, and the tree isn’t overflowing with gifts.  But then, that isn’t what Christmas is about anyway.

Sometimes it just slams into me that I am the reason I have so much stress in my life.  My expectations are one thing, and reality is so different.  But, there are so many good things going on in my life too!  There is work to do.  None of us has a terminal disease.   We have enough food on hand to get through the holidays, and even enough to let several friends join us for Christmas dinner.  In so many ways I am so blessed!

Take the time to focus on what’s good in your life right now.  While I may not have everything I want for Christmas, I do have blessings to be thankful for each day, and I need to remember them so I don’t get overwhelmed with negativity.

This year, remember that each day is a victory, and there are good things going on as well as bad.  May your season be filled with peace – Happy Holidays.



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