I tend to think of PTSD as a normal response to an abnormal situation.  If my perception is that something is extremely dangerous, then it’s natural to want to keep it from happening again.  In fact, my very survival may depend on being on my toes watching for similar situations.   Perhaps it’s even nature’s way of ensuring survival of the species.

Consider if you will, if you’re mauled by a bear, isn’t it likely you’ll be extra careful about getting too close to where bears live from that point on?  It certainly seems that would be the smart thing to do.   Isn’t it normal to want to make sure it doesn’t happen again?  We spend a good amount of time trying to avoid pain, whether it is emotional or physical.  In that way, PTSD may help prevent us from going through a second, similar experience.

I don’t want to have PTSD; it’s a total pain in the neck.  But by the same token, maybe the up-side of it is that it’s less likely I’ll have to go through a similar situation.  Perhaps PTSD is nature’s way of protecting me.  It’s something to think about.




One thought on “PTSD: NATURES EDGE

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