I had a boss once whose mantra was, “Change is our friend; change is good!” She would toss it out to us like it was a prize we should grab, take to heart, and live by on a daily basis. Those of us who worked with her responded with groans, eye rolls, and sighs of resignation.

Yes, change is inevitable. I understand that much. But is it my friend? Not always. Change isn’t always for the better, but even when it’s not, we do always seem to adapt to whatever situation we’re in eventually. The other side of it is that there are times when change does benefit us. When we are living under a black cloud of depression, we often forget that the current storm won’t last forever. Change will come.

Sometimes it may feel like PTSD has been in control of your life forever and things will never improve. But change will happen at some point. Be open to it. Expect it. Embrace change in your life. Change can be good. There are times when we may feel things are moving from bad to worse, but at least they are moving. Then we know the possibility exists that things will get better.

Realize that you won’t be controlled by PTSD to this extent forever. Things will get better. Either your circumstances will improve, or you’ll adapt so you can function better where you are. Change really is good.




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