I was surprised to learn there are almost a million Veterans in the U.S. that are currently unemployed. I know sometimes employers mistakenly think that the skills Veterans have won’t transfer to civilian jobs, but that just isn’t true.  Most of the time the background training Veterans have makes them excellent candidates for civilian jobs.

One of the best things is that Veterans already know how to work.  They may not know the particular details of a specific job, but knowing how to apply themselves and keep at the job until it’s done and done right is a huge bonus.  Veterans are goal-oriented, and they understand the importance of teamwork in getting the job done correctly.  But while they value teamwork, they are also quite capable of working independently without constant supervision.

Veterans are capable of reasoning out solutions to problems and they take their work seriously. They are usually quite up-to-date on the latest technology, and they’re informed on health and safety issues too.

Hiring a Veteran can be very cost effective. There are several programs available to reimburse employers for hiring Veterans.  The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Returning Heroes Tax Credit and Wounded Warriors Tax Credit provide incentives of up to $9,600 annually for hiring eligible unemployed Veterans.  Then there is the Government’s Special Employer Incentives program that allows employers to hire a qualified Veteran at an apprenticeship wage.  Employers are reimbursed for up to half each veteran’s salary to cover certain supplies and equipment, additional expenses and any loss in production.

Our Veterans are experienced workers, skilled in many fields, dependable and focused on doing the job right. Hire a Veteran today!




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