Many veterans deal with back pain on a daily basis. Whether the problem is caused by injury, or from carrying a heavy pack while hiking, the result can be life-long suffering.  Now there is new evidence that physical therapy, spinal manipulation and yoga can be as helpful as surgery or drugs, while posing far fewer risks.  In a Consumer Reports survey, 3,562 individuals with back pain were surveyed, with 80% of those who had tried yoga, tai chi, massage therapy, chiropractic intervention, or physical therapy finding the treatment helped reduce their pain.

In the past, these types of treatments were considered fluff in comparison to conventional treatment which usually consisted of drugs to mask the pain or surgery. Now, it is evident that a combination of supportive alternative therapies can be just as effective.  Tai chi and physical therapy strengthens muscles that support the back, while improving balance and flexibility.  Chiropractic intervention can realign the spine and improve posture and balance as well.  Massage therapy helps muscles relax, and reduces inflammation.  A combination of these alternative therapies can bring relief when traditional methods fail.

In the past, alternative therapies were not regarded as viable treatment options. Now they are taking their place as legitimate treatments and are being recognized by medical professionals as valued forms of treatment.


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