Finding Focus

When you have PTSD and you’re fighting depression, it can be difficult to focus on the things you used to do in the past. Along with isolating yourself, you may stop engaging in the activities that you used to find fun. That’s a shame because that depression can lead to inertia. It becomes all too easy to just sit down and give up.

That’s when you have to force yourself to get out and get involved in something that interests you now. Sometimes it is necessary to do this in order to get back into the rhythm of living again. You may find you have to pretend you’re interested for a while before you will actually be interested in something.

You may even find you aren’t interested in the same things you were in the past, but that’s okay. We all grow at our own rate and other things may bring you joy now. Look for those other things. Life is too short to go through without happiness.

PTSD can rob your life of joy. Don’t stop trying to reclaim your life. Find those things that captivate you and bring you happiness. After all, that’s what makes life worth living.


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