Why is it that when we have PTSD, we deny ourselves experiences where we can have fun? I see that in myself all the time. It’s rather sad because all of us deserve some fun in life and I’m no exception. Neither are you.

Depression can lead to inactivity, and feeling anxious about interacting with others. Sometimes we just don’t want to make the time to deal with other people, but isolation doesn’t help us at all. It may help if you think about the activities you used to enjoy and start by trying one or more of them again. Think about some of the things you really used to love doing. Make a list if you can, because when you’re depressed, you may find you have difficulty thinking of what those activities were.

Now plan a time to do one of those activities. Set a firm date because if you wait for a time when you feel like it, it may never happen. Choose the day and time for your activity, and add it to your calendar. Are you finding you are hesitant to schedule activities that involve being with others? That’s not unusual, but try to carry through with the activity anyway. You may find it’s not as painful as you first thought, and the more you interact with others, the easier it may get!

Life has challenges, it’s true, but in order to be balanced, it needs to have some fun too. Allow yourself to find your joy again. It makes life worthwhile, and after all, you deserve it!

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