Recently, I was listening to National Public Radio and they did a segment on one the programs where the VA is reducing benefits. Many Veterans who were enrolled in the Family Caregiver Aid Program are being bounced out without any explanation for why their benefits have been cut. Even stranger, on a national level the program is growing. The VA responded by saying some of the Veterans who were cut didn’t deserve the benefit in the first place. Yet many of these Vets were wounded while in the service, are totally unable to work, and the strain being placed on the family members caring for them is terrible.

The VA has long had a reputation for inconsistency in providing services, and unfortunately, this appears to be another example of the same. While the VA says they want to do more for Veterans and get Veterans enrolled to receive the benefits they deserve, too often the men and women who apply, for one reason or another, don’t qualify, or the services they’ve received in the past have been cut without explanation.

Many Veterans have trust issues when it comes to the VA and that’s sad. The very organization that is supposed to be their greatest support has left them feeling betrayed and abandoned. There are still changes that need to happen in the VA before Veterans are going to feel they are receiving the support they deserve; trust won’t grow until those changes are made.