Home heating help available from the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

I heat my home with propane gas, and just last week I had my tank filled. Horrors! My bill was over $2,000 for this one fill! I had expected propane to go up, but I didn’t expect it to jump more than 4 times what it was! I am blessed that I was able to pay the bill, thanks to my husband’s foresight, but there are some Michigan combat veterans who are struggling because of a financial emergency such as unexpectedly high heating bills. Fortunately, they can turn to the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund for help.

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF) grants are available to veterans who have been honorably discharged and have served:
• 180 days during a period of war;
• 180 days of active duty with award of Armed Forces/Navy Expeditionary Medal; or
• Less than 180 days of wartime service due to service-incurred disability.
Dependents of an eligible veteran can also apply, under certain circumstances. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate need and show they are able to meet future expenses after the grant.

Contact the MVTF agent in the county where you reside to begin your application. He or she can explain the process and tell you what supporting documents you will need for your application.

Don’t let a financial emergency snowball into a bigger problem for you and your family. A Trust Fund grant can help you weather an unexpected storm so your finances stay on course. If you know someone who may qualify for a grant, make sure they know help is available.

Learn more about the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund or locate the MVTF agent in your county. Contact the Trust Fund directly at 517-284-5299. Oh, and stay warm, eh?


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